We can resole ANY brand of climbing shoes.

Being affiliated with Evolv® and Trax® Rubber means that we have direct access to the best tools and materials in the business. It also means that we get to pass our savings on to you and offer the most competitive rates while providing the highest quality resole work.

We do not currently resole approach shoes.


Current shop time: 11 business days

If there is a hole through both the rubber and the synthetic or leather upper on your shoe, it may not be repairable. Whether or not we can fix it depends on a number of factors. Please feel free to email us pictures of your shoes if you are unsure if they can be repaired.



If the rand needs to be repaired on your shoe(s), the sole will also have to be replaced. Rands cannot be repaired without also replacing the sole. Refer to our FAQ page to learn more about rand repair. Refer to the prices below for half sole and full sole repair.


Half Sole Repair (price per pair)



Half Sole Only

Half Sole & Rands


Full sole repair (price per pair)



Full Sole Only

Full Sole & Rands


*Full sole repair may be necessary if your shoes have been resoled in the past depending on the work performed previously.

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Midsole repair (price per pair)

We can add a stiff mid-sole to your shoes or replace your mid-sole in the toe box to give you extra support and edging power. This repair may also be necessary if your mid-sole has cracked, torn, or is otherwise damaged from normal wear and tear.

The mid-sole of a shoe lies between the rubber out-sole and the synthetic or leather upper of your shoes.




Midsole Replacement


*Rand repair is necessary to perform this service.


Super Rand or double rand (price per PAIR)

We can add extra rubber on top of the toes (Super Rand) to help with toe-hooking or protecting the uppers when crack climbing. We can also add an extra thick layer of rubber to the rand (Double Rand).



Super Rand

Double Rand


*Super Rands and Double Thick Rands are not possible to add to ALL types of shoes. Only shoes with adequate space available can have these services performed.

**Caution: Adding a stiff mid-sole or adding rubber to the top of the shoe may drastically alter how your shoes feel when they come back to you. Please keep this in mind when requesting this service.

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It's not uncommon for people to buy climbing shoes that are too small or too big. While we can't effectively shrink a shoe for you, we can stretch them if they're too small.

Shoe stretching services are free of charge excluding shipping costs. Please let us know on your order form if you would like your shoes stretched either 1/2 or 1 full size.

*Shoes are not designed to be artificially stretched and doing so could jeopardize the integrity and warranty of your shoes. We perform this service as a last resort and do not claim any responsibility for shoes that have changed shape or no longer perform as intended.


No Edge resoles

We do not currently perform no-edge resoles. If you own a shoe with La Sportiva’s No-Edge “technology” we can still resole the shoe, however, your shoe will come back to you with a standard climbing shoe edge. If you really like the way the No-Edge performs, we can mildly round out the edge of the outsole by grinding it smooth (this will result in a reduced lifespan of the resole) or we will climb in your shoes until they are round again, whichever you prefer.

$3 OFF

Climbing Bum Discount (INDICATE ON ORDER FORM)


Qualifications for climbing bum discount: full-time student, unemployed, retailer/gym employee, US active/previous military service. Based on the honor system. Not valid with any other promotional discounts or specials.


Customers are responsible for all shipping fees. Return shipping (shipping your shoes back to you after repair) is a flat-rate fee of $10. Return shipping on orders with 3 or more pairs of shoes is free. Canadian customers are responsible for all customs fees.

Not sure what needs to be done to your shoes? Refer to our FAQ page or Contact us so we can help you decide.